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Australian designed, owned and supported. A cost effective way for small business to keep track of everything.


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The Tall Emu Difference


Tall Emu CRM helps you do more with less. Whether it's time spent doing every day tasks or managing your staff.


Engage your customers with tailored communication and better service. Tall Emu also lets you share valuable data with the staff so they can  do their job better.

Intelligent Inbox


Tall Emu's Inbox 360 Outlook plugin lets you see the critical information at a glance. 


You'll see who is managing the client relationship. Their account status as well as any support tickets and current opportunities.

Automated Call Logging 


Every call can be automatically logged in the Tall Emu CRM - no extra effor required..


Everything is managed automatically meaning nothing is forgotten or entered in the CRM incorrectly. .

Email Marketing 


Tall Emu CRM features a powerful email marketing platform that letS you create and send effective email campaigns.


Tall EMU intergates with all major email platforms and provides reporting on email activity.

Linked Accounts


Tall Emu CRM talks to your accounting system and shares important data on customers sales, product preferences and payments. 


Your front line people have all the information they need to engage with customers.

Everything In One Place


Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets. Tall Emu put all your data in one place and within easy reach.


Tall Emu integrates with other systems so we can share and sync data without re-keying, importing or exporting lists.

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