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Take a quick look at how video is tranforming the way  we gather and absorb information

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YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. Little wonder Google snapped it up. Why? Because video enhances the browsing experience and Google are in the business of making search a richer, more fun experience.


Video engages browsers longer than text and images can and has the capacity to impart large amounts of complex information easily. More importantly, video lets you tell a story. It lets you deliver your message in context and sets you apart from your competitors.


With or without a website, video gives you the opportunity to get your message out easily about your business, product or service through multiple channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


If you're launching a product, explaining a process or simply want to tell your story, talk to Small Business Genies today about a video package to suit your budget. Click the 'More' button below to complete our enquiry form or call Small Business Genies on 1800 49 47 43.


While you're here, scroll down and take a look at some of the videos we've created for our clients. Enjoy!

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VideoMe Video Animation

2D Video Production
2D Logo Animation
3D Logo Animation
Video Testimonials (MetaPeople)
Video Testimonials (Vostek)

VideoMe Recent Projects

Budget Video (Wizid)
Budget Video (Acret Painting)
Explainer Video (Attende)
Promo Video (Attende)
Whiteboard Video (Wizid)
Video Testimonials (MetaPeople)
Video Testimonials (MetaPeople)
Video Testimonials (Vostek)
Video Testimonials (Vostek)